Sunday, October 22, 2006

im in london.. i should be experiencing a new culture.. a new place.. learn new things.. play new games.. visit new sights.. guess what im doing.. mixing with singaporeans everyday n seriously mostly singaporeans if not malaysians.. playing basketball n soccer still.. ok lah got play badminton n squash as well but primarily soccer n bball still.. always going to just sch n back to my hall everyday.. n once there's cable i'll watch epl every wk as well.. n today.. i visited hillsong london.. guess who preached? new creation's pastor joseph prince.. hahahahahaha.. but yea his sermon is pretty gd but somehow some of my friends r pretty critical abt it n to my astonishment n i nv knew this b4 hand.. he is under a lot of scrutiny abt how he preaches grace.. its true.. maybe his sermon is quite 1 sided but who knows.. maybe its cuz he brushed the surface? i dunno.. but what i do know is that it was an amazing sermon n of course being hillsong london.. an amazing praise n worship session as well.. haha.. still pretty sick.. isnt getting worse but not ani better either so pls pray for me.. and work as well.. quite blur n unclear abt wats going on especialli computing.. food wise its pretty gd.. cooked lemon chicken for the rest the other day n they said it was gd.. last nite had sushi.. quite shiok.. haha.. hopefulli we can keep up with all this..

wah lao eh liverpool lost! ok lah.. they deserve to lose but wah lao! this season is over b4 it started! bah..

n ydae i played soccer rite? i realise im realli not cut out for field soccer.. i think im prolly gonna be made into a left back or something.. but i guess i can learn a lot abt defending n being tougher.. may be gd for my game..

n i realise im realli rambling on n on.. oh well.. here r some photos so enjoy!


At 2:05 PM, Blogger eLaInE said...

hey pups!! haha looks like u r having loads of fun there...(: grins...Continue to do so yeah and have the time of your life in uk. grins..i am looking forward to go over to europe!!


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