Monday, October 23, 2006

forgot to post photos from my boat party 2 wks ago so here they r!

at hyde park after picnic and soccer... chong u cried 'EH! y u touch my butt?!' sorry lah chong.. who ask ur butt so high... :P
dunno what my fren taking oso but i know the scenery looked really nice from the boat... there was big ben n ferris wheel n a lot of nice lights! 2 bad it was freezing cold so cudnt stay out any longer..
this bridge is really very beautiful but too bad too far n too blur...
the girls!
xiufang n me! the 1 who always bully me sia...
caroline n me! dunno which rock u med students hide under.. nv c u in sch wan.. haha..
yvette n me! the only sg girl living in wilson hall.. with 8 other guys! haha...
boris is yandao rite? haha.. my hair like cock sia.. n yea chong is better off not smiling :P

3 guys on a boat... hmm... :P


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